How to get started?

A commitment is an act or a process that contributes towards a more sustainable development. It ought to be as concrete as possible and should offer fresh solutions. The timeframe for a commitment is “the sooner the better”; the process or act does not have to be completed by the next World Ecological Forum Summit, but the most effective commitments will be honoured at the following event.
Everybody is able to make a commitment. Companies, other organizations, business leaders, politicians, private individuals are just some of the categories. Even as a private citizen, one can make concrete contributions by utilising social media to activate family, friends, communities, and other networks.


World Ecological Forum Approach

Through its collaborating organisations, the World Ecological Forum not only brainstorms around vital issues, but also produces concrete commitments, co-operations, best practices and policy recommendations. We approach organisations that want to demonstrate this leadership in sustainable development and responsibility – the stakeholders who will urge the paradigm shift.

From each summit workshop, the Forum will produce an analysis, recommendations, and commitments. This will give a strategic direction for each area which will significantly aid the after summit follow-up efforts, i.e to recruit more commitment makers and act swiftly. Each workshop will produce an executive summary for the recommendations, this to facilitate the strategic intent for commitment making.


What should you do?

Everyone has a unique chance to get informed of the latest research and know-how to get inspired to commit to significant change and sustainable development. Everyone can also share his/her ideas to others who wish to implement those in their actions.

What is the area within which you can have the greatest influence – in your business, your daily life, network, etc.? Use your strengths and network to maximise the effects. Recruit other partners to join your initiatives and endeavours. Everyone is welcome to make a commitment!


Free exchange of ideas: Get new ideas from us – Leave yours to us

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