What a shame that humanity constantly creates new conflicts, atrocities, and other catastrophes through various detrimental actions. Resources and attention are naturally absorbed by serious negative developments, such as Putin’s aggressions, the (so called) Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, the Taliban, the Middle East issues, North Korea, Ebola, and much more.

At he same time, long term existential issues, such as the state of our planet, are simply left in the shadow during a critical era of approaching tipping points that most likely will be irreversible. We must not forget this macro perspective of our existence.

Critical resources and opportunities for constructive actions are absent because of the mad men of this world. Climate change, sustainability and a greener more productive economic development should be among the main stream issues and on top of the action list at all levels. Let’s hope that the worrying state of this world will not further create hindrance for work for the environment and education.

Alec Arho Havrén