Leaders Join Forces to Create a Balance Between Economic and Ecological Sustainability

Sep. 8, 2015 — The World Ecological Forum today announced that its global summit in Beijing will bring together prominent industry leaders, entrepreneurs, political leaders, technological and environmental experts to fight climate change and create a positive balance for economic and ecological sustainability. This global summit will be held in Beijing, China, 2017. It is a continuum from the Visby, Sweden Summit and other events and projects 2010-2016.


“NGOs, technological experts, corporations – of all sizes – policy experts, academia, and governments must all work together. Commitment making, policy recommendations, and action plans will be concrete outcomes from this summit,” said Alec Arho Havrén, executive chairman and founder of the World Ecological Forum. “Our ambition for 2017 is to provide a continuous global platform for responsible business leaders and policy makers; it will be a facilitator for CEOs and political leaders to share ideas and drive significant change toward sustainability in large and crucial growth societies and markets, such as Asia.”

Minimising carbon emissions is a key priority on the summit’s agenda. Green energy production, energy harvesting, optimising energy capture, and emobility will be high on the agenda.

“If we want to reach the emission reductions targets, policy makers and corporations need to get far more aggressive,” said Alec Arho Havrén. “We also need to talk about optimising the balance for energy investments. Contractual commitments do not match the investment directions. Stranded assets are a reality already for some energy companies.”, Alec Arho Havrén explains.

To boost green technology transfers, the World Ecological Forum provides consulting services and a Green Market Place network for emobilty, energy harvesting, and energy capture. In Gotland, Sweden the World Ecological Forum plans to develop a test centre for electro mobility; even energy harvesting smart infrastructure is already conceptualised and ready for concrete testing and development through a pilot project in conjunction to emobility.

The World Ecological Forum Beijing Summit 2017 will promote green technology with special attention given to emobility. During the summit, a zero- and low-emission vehicle exhibition will show the latest innovations – both concept an production models. Winners of the World Ecological Forum Global Impact Award 2017 will also be announced at the event.

“China has a vast talent pool of engineers and developers that can also contribute for a sustainable future for all. It is time for the middle kingdom to step up and both innovate and implement change”, Alec Arho Havrén stated.

“We are delighted to partner with the World Ecological Forum and see this initiative as a significant step in creating a global trading exchange for green technologies in China”, said Mr.Chen Jiang, Chairman of the Board GT capital, Chinese Chairman of the steering committee for the China Summit.