Alec Arho Havrén

Social and Environmental Entrepreneur, MIM/MBA

– Founder and Chairman, World Ecological Forum
– Concept developer/inventor of Smart Energy Road and Traffic System (SERTS), an energy harvesting smart micro grid with wireless mobile inductive charging of EVs
– Founder & Chairman, and Circuit Architect of Gotland Ring (world’s first sustainable race and test circuit)
– Automotive industry and eMobility expert
– Strategy & policy consultant
– Also worked within management consulting and financial markets
– Graduate of California Lutheran University and Thunderbird Global School of Management

The founder and chairman of World Ecological Forum Alec Arho Havrén, is a social and environmental entrepreneur, an advisor and a consultant. Gotland, the Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, and Finland is where Alec has his roots. However, Alec is a global citizen who has studied and worked in various countries and environments, including North America, China, and Europe.

Alec Arho Havrén is an active innovator and sustainability expert with a multitude of social and environmental projects. He is also an active opinion builder, speaker, writer, and panelist on subject matters, such as the paradigm shift of the automotive industry, eMobility, mission specific zero- and low-emission vehicles, traffic safety, green transformation, entrepreneurship, green leadership, and eco innovation.

Within motorsport he has already transformed the concept and functionality of a race track through creating GotlandRing, world’s first sustainable race and test circuit. Through this unique project, Alec created an exciting facility in a former lime stone quarry on the island of Gotland, an eco region in Sweden. The picturesque race circuit is now a popular venue for tests and new model launches for the vehicle industry. It is a part of the electrification project of racing as well.

As an active innovator, Alec Arho Havrén has initiated and developed a smart energy harvesting infrastructure project – a de facto energy harvesting smart micro grid with wireless mobile inductive charging of electric vehicles. Its extraordinary features include energy harvesting through thermal, geothermal, solar, wind, and kinetic energy. The modular recycled plastic energy road is flexible for both smart micro and macro grid usage – a truly paradigm shifting invention.

Within racing, Alec has a winning record in formula, touring, and GT cars; the “Flying Finn-Swede” has experienced many wins (won approx. 30% of all participated races) and pole positions on various international race circuits around the world, including the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife which has inspired his circuit profile design for Gotland Ring.

Alec is also the track record holder for production, touring, GT, and formula cars and EVs on GotlandRing. From racing, Alec has also derived unique edutainment driver training courses, such as Safety & Eco Driving and advanced specialised driver training programmes.

His extra curricular activities include ornithology, history, tennis, skiing, ice-hockey, and many other sports. Alec is still a top tennis player and at times plays actively even on the senior tour; his won titles include European Championships in singles, doubles, and mixed on the ITF Senior Tour.


Risto RantalaRantalaRisto


Risto Rantala has a solid background in management consulting, clean tech, and corporate development; his wide experience and expertise, within a multitude of fields, has contributed towards higher efficiency, productivity, and leadership for several corporate clients.

Risto Rantala has held the position of CEO of World Ecological Forum since July 1, 2014. Expanding the operations to new markets has been his task and main focus so far.

Previously, Risto has worked as a management consultant for 16 years in Europe and North America. His main expertise is related to sustainable production and corporate culture development. Risto’s expert knowledge is strong within clean tech, FMCG production companies, food wholesale, retail companies, paper production, and IT sales.

Risto is also working with the SERTS initiative (Smart Energy Road and Traffic System), a smart infrastructure project focusing on energy harvesting and eMobility. This initiative has been subsidised by Länsstyrelsen på Gotland (Sweden) and TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

On his leisure time, Risto enjoys the Finnish nature and outdoor activities.


Niclas IhrénNiclas ihren

Strategic Programme and Content Director
Member of the Steering Committee

Niclas Ihrén, is an acknowledged expert and management consultant working with corporate sustainability, sustainable lifestyle, radical innovation and strategic communication.

He is advisor to large corporates in many sectors, and has been an advisor to several influential think tanks and forums, including the Tällberg Foundation, Global Utmaning/Global Challenge, World Climate Solutions, World Ecological Forum, V-360 Sustainability. He is recognized as one of the most influential thought-leaders on sustainability in business by CSR International and by Swedish CSR i Praktiken.

Mr Ihrén is engaged in future studies related to sustainability and sustainable lifestyle. He is a regular writer on sustainability innovations and trends, and he is an appreciated public speaker on sustainability, business innovation and long-term market trends.

His industry expertise ranges from clean energy systems to innovative internet business models. He has been advising companies across many sectors regarding strategies for green transformation and sustainability. As such, he has deep knowledge from the energy industry, cleantech, internet, financial services, telecoms, pulp & paper, construction and built environment, FMCG and other industries. He works with small startups as well as with global companies. He has broad experience from general management, international expansion, sales and marketing, PR, business strategy, CSR, organisation change, M&A and major industry and company transformations.

Former roles include: CEO of Globe Forum, a global sustainability business network; founder and CEO of the business incubator Innovation Council; founder and CEO of the consulting company Creatinity; CEO of knowledge management/e-learning group Infinity Learning. He has also had management roles in global consultant organisations IBM and Capgemini.

At the World Ecological Forum, Niclas Ihrén is responsible for the content strategy, program themes and speaker lists to build up an attractive and transformative forum. As a member of the steering committee, he also takes part in overall forum strategy and development.