Mr. Bengt-Olof
GrahnProject Leader, Technical Department of the Municipality of Gotland
CASE: Isle Pact


Bengt-Olof Grahn is a project leader in the technicaldepartment of the Municipality of Gotland. He has worked as an Eco-strategist with all kinds of local issues about sustainable development in Gotland.

Bengt-Olof is currently working with an Isle Pact project.

Isle Pact is a project about how the islands can make their own political commitment similiar to the Covenant of Mayors to reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than 20 % by 2020. It is also about how to identify bankable projects that will enable even more reductions in the future in all of the 12 island regions in the project. The islands are Creete, Aegian islands, Cyprus, Malta, Sardinia, Mallorca and the Balearics , Canarias, Azores, Madeira, Gotland and the Baltic seven largest islands, Samsö and the Western islands in Scottland. In the project there will also be environmental and socio economic analyses of the development of renewable energi in the Islands. The project runs from 2010-2012 and is financed partly by The EU-commision and the Directorate-General Energy and Transport programme.