Mr. Lars-Erik Liljelund

Ph.D.Director General, The Swedish Prime Minister Office
Climate Change – Greenhouse Emissions Containment



After a decade of scientific research at the Stockholm University, Mr. Liljelund changed to governmental environmental work (except for 89-92). During the period 1985 up to now he has been involved as a Swedish expert in several conventions and political co-operations, for example CBD, LRTAP, AEPS/Arctic Council, and in different working groups under the European Commission.

Currently, he chairs the European Environmental Agency and is a member of Environmental Policy Review Group (EU) and of the board of Nordic Environmental Finance Cooperation. On the national level, he chairs the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) Board, he is a Member of the boards of the Swedish Space Agency, National Forestry Board, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the MISTRA-foundation.

Mr. Lars-Erik Liljelund received his Bachelor degree of Biological Sciences in 1971 and a Ph.D. In Ecology in 1977 from the Stockholm University.