Ms. Anna Hrdlicka

Licentiate of Technology in Real Estate Economics


Anna Hrdlicka, a licentiate of Technology in Real Estate Economics, Project manager, Design in the Built Environment, Hob AB
Anna Hrdlicka, has worked in academia / research, Swedish public administration, the telecom industry and as an independent consultant. A central theme throughout her career has been its focus on future issues, be it the future of housing and technology, policy analysis, regional development, housing maintenance or the development of the building sector using other methods connecting small human issues to the big scale projects. A key element of her research and development projects is the built environment and how this can be adapted to its users. For the past ten years, Anna has worked with developing the building sector and the built environment using design thinking and design methodology. Through projects such as the Summer Design Office she has developed a new approach to including design and designers as key players in multidisciplinary processes targeting our future environment.