Ms. Sue Toigo

Chairman of Fitzgibbon Toigo Associates
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Sue Toigo is the chairman of Fitzgibbon Toigo Associates which provides access for emerging and established investment managers to the global institutional investment community. Ms. Toigo is the past chairman and cofounder of the Institute for Fiduciary Education (IFE) and a director and cofounder of the Robert A. Toigo Foundation.

IFE was established in 1985 by Ms. Toigo and her late husband and business partner, Bob Toigo, to provide educational services to large institutional investors. Over 3,000 institutional investors have attended week-long IFE seminars worldwide.

The Toigo Foundation was started in 1989 to help change the face of finance by providing fellowships and summer internships to talented minorities while attending MBA programs, as well as mentors, job placement services, and ethics and leadership training for their entire careers. The Toigo Foundation supports 130 students each year at 17 top business schools around the United States and has over 800 alumni in the financial services industry globally.

Long an advocate for children and minorities, Ms. Toigo served for 16 years as the lobbyist for and a founding board member of the California Children’s Lobby and was named one of 10 Outstanding California Lobbyists by the California Journal. As the executive director of the Children’s Alliance, she helped community groups establish child care centers throughout California and has infant and toddler programs for the children of migrant farm workers named for her in French Camp, California. A graduate with honors from the University of California at Berkeley, she has been inducted into Berkeley’s Women’s Hall of Fame. Ms. Toigo serves on the Columbia Business School Board of Overseers, on the boards of NeuralIQ, a cyber security company, and Altrushare Securities, the first traditional brokerage in the US with a non-profit ownership structure. A portion of AltruShare profits goes to the Toigo Foundation each year.

Ms. Toigo has served as a visiting Woodrow Wilson Fellow at universities in Texas, Nebraska, and Indiana, and spoken on behalf of the U.S. State Department in Australia, New Zealand, Syria, and Chile.

Ms. Toigo is married to Ambassador Derek Shearer, currently Chevalier Professor of Diplomacy at Occidental College. They live in Los Angeles with two dogs, two cats and frequent guests.

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