pres_bylundProfessor Lars Bylund
Professor Energy Management Bergen School of Architecture , BAS, Bergen Norway.  Vice President, eCity Consulting Ltd.
Climate Active Building and Infrastructure –seminar



Professor Lars Bylund has an education in electrical engineering. Besides being a distinguished Scandinavian lighting designer and active in several lighting projects he is professor at Bergen School of Architecture in Norway in Holistic Building, Lightning and Energy lecturing all over the world.

As a lighting designer he has received numerous acknowledgements for lightning designs and fixtures receiving prizes as “The Lighting Design of the Year” in several countries. His portfolio consists of more than 3000 projects carried out in lighting and/or energy in leading or supervisory position. From this list we can mention the renovation of Royal Cotton Exchange, Manchester, The Oslo Airport Gardermoen and the new Oslo Opera that received the Norwegian lighting prize in 2009.

He deals also with research projects in cooperation with governmental organizations in the field of lighting and energy consumption. He is a member of CIE and IEA Expert Committees, the author of numerous articles and of a book; he regularly conducts seminars on conferences, such as Right light, Strategies in Light, Intertech, US light fair and IESNA. He also researches the use of daylight; currently he cooperates in the development of a system with the use of daylight for the underground spaces (The Museum of Medieval Stockholm), supermarkets (Coop) and production areas (Ikea Group). He is a Chairman of the organization EcoDigiCity, which is financed by Finnish government with the aim to develop the optimal urbanization of villages and towns on the grounds of the Nordic ecological know how.

He has an extraordinary wide and deep knowledge on wines and wineyards.