Plenary Session

Presentation by Dr Johan Rockström

Korpinen Visby World Ecological Forum

WEF.BSAG.Social innovation.Bergman pres

Climate Change Negotiations_Lars-Erik Liljelund


Green Leadership and Management

Dr Matthew Yuen ‘Green Product Life Cycle Management and Knowledge Based Economy’ (Abstract)

Dr Matthew Yuen ‘Green Product Life Cycle Management and Knowledge Based Economy’ (Presentation)

Building Sustainable Business Culture and Strategy

Peter Lacy from Accenture ‘UNGC-Accenture CEO Study-WEFSweden’


Climate Strategies and Investments

Wang Yi_WEF 2010_Climate seminar 1 JulyTowards a new global climate agreement

Simone Ruiz_WEF 2010_Climate seminar 1 July_Towards a Climate Deal

Trevor Sikorski_WEF 2010_Climate seminar 1 July_Carbon market outlook

Tomas Otterstrom_WEF 2010_Climate seminar 1 July_Climate and Investment Opportunities

Greger Flodin_WEF 2010_Climate Strategies Seminar 1 July_Carbon Finance Does It Work

Nils Lannefors_WEF 2010_Climate seminar 1 July


Energy Paradigm

Download the presentation by Dr Peter Lund ‘Sustainable Energy Paradigm’

Download CAREI at WEF 1.7.2010

Download WEF_Smart Grids_Lund_2010

Download the World Ecological Forum – Green IT

Download the world ecoforum gotland vasara dplus


National and Regional Environmental Strategies

Ms Sarah Wu

Mercy_Dikito_Wachtmeister_ World_Ecological_Forum_2010

Bengt_Olof_Grahn_World_Ecological Forum_2010




Plenary Session

Pasi Rutanen ‘China Driving the Green Wave’

Global Green Wave

Challenges of Investing WEF 2July2010

UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study 2010 video


Green Business Innovation and Investments

Concept by Niclas Ihrén

The Role of Green Innovations in a Corporate Strategy by Henrik Tegnér


Venture Biosphere WEF 7.1.2010


Baltic Sea Environmental Strategies

Download the presentations by Baltic Sea Action Group :

Download the presentation by William Hogland from the Linnaeus University: ‘Integrated Waste Water Treatment’

Download the presentation material by Sten Björk about Clean Shipping :

Climate Active Building

Zero and Low Emissions Vehicles

WEF China’s Next Revolution

Zero Emission Vehicles_WEF July 2-2010[1]