The World Ecological Forum Global Impact Committee creates nominee list of candidates for the award. After analysing the positive environmental and social global impact, the awarding committee will make its final choice. An additional voting influence is allocated to a voting procedure among members of the forum.


Global Ecological Recogniztion

The World Ecological Forum Global Impact Award (“The Global Impact Award”) is an international prize that is given out annually by a specialist committee, which is appointed by the World Ecological Forum. The Global Impact Award consists of five prizes that are awarded for outstanding contributions “to create environmental and economic balance in order to achieve sustainable growth, welfare and social justice for all”.

The five prizes are awarded in the following categories:

  • An outstanding non-governmental organization
  • An outstanding corporation
  • An outstanding individual
  • An outstanding media outlet or journalist
  • An outstanding leader or organization that has demonstrated responsible political leadership.

The World Ecological Forum Global Impact Award prize and diploma will be presented in conjunction with an award ceremony that will be be conducted during each annual or bi-annual summit, starting 2010, in Visby Gotland, Sweden.Winners are announced in each summit.

The prize includes a statuette and a personal diploma.

The independency of the members of the Global Impact Award Committee:

In any category in which committee members have an interest due to the action of the various nominating juries, those members do not participate in the discussion and voting in the affected category. Similarly, members of nominating juries do not participate in the discussion of or voting on entries in which they have an interest.