This week, our SmartRoad Gotland consortium has been installing the world’s first electric road system with dynamic wireless charging on a public road (for heavy trucks and buses).

SmartRoad Gotland – based on Electreon’s technology – is the first of its kind inductive dynamic charging and a major step towards diminishing CO2 emissions within the transportation. This winter, the first segment will be tested in harsh conditions (temperature fluctuations under and above 0 C, the toughest of road conditions). A heavy electric truck will be used as a test vehicle starting in January. In the spring, more segments will be installed. After that, even an electric bus will be operated along this airport road in Visby, Gotland. The World Ecological Forum and Gotland GPe Circuit AB (GotlandRing) initiated the forming of the SmartRoad Gotland consortium that won the pre-commercial procurement for the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) in April 2019. For more details about the unique project and technology, please visit