Top 5 Ecological Threats in a Synopsis

All five threats are interdependent.


Top 5 action list and strategy to combat environmental threats

  1. Education & Awareness
  2. Climate agreement and creating an effective global governing body, “International Climate Control Fund”, for pricing C02 and other green house gas emissions (convergence for measurement system)
  3. Extensive humanitarian aid programmes
  4. Global strategy for environmental protection (new global governing body)
  5. Investments and incentive programmes to support green tech, ecological solutions, and sustainable positive development

Many of the above actions are already supported by excellent programmes, various UN bodies, and many more organisations. A more co-ordinated multilateral approach and effort by governments is crucial. As an enabling catalyst, the World Ecological Forum aims to support, participate, and lead future action logs to facilitate the implementation of the above strategy

Alec Arho Havrén, Founder of World Ecological Forum