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Facilitating Eco Solutions

The World Ecological Forum focuses on catalyzing action for sustainable development and ecological solutions though offering a platform for innovation and active crossover collaboration.

Data & Science, Nasa
Data & Science

This networking forum acts as an efficient platform for a wide spectrum of decisions and policymakers, innovators, insightful political leaders, responsible corporations, civil servants, scientists, professors, investors, and other caring people.

Green Business

Our aim is to enable and promote innovation and collaboration for green business and thus sustainable development. Green business entrepreneurship should be initiated and supported.

Education for Planting Trees, Kahssay
Support Education

Environmental and Social awareness can be increased through an educational platform for students and other youth groups.

Crossborder Networking
Cross Border Networking

We create global crossover networking between corporations, governments, non-governmental organisations, market areas, universities, and various institutions and organisations to influence strategic direction, future legislation, standards, regulations, and norms.

WEF Conferences
Organising Conferences

Many of our conferences have included different state governments, enterprises and society besides the World Ecological Forum Organization itself. While the means of “making a difference” are expanding with variable technical and social platforms, our aim is to connect people for making our planet great again and to create environmental and economic balance in order to achieve sustainable growth.

summarized by Alec Arho Havrén, Founder of World Ecological Forum

Top 5 Ecological Threats in a Synopsis

All five threats are interdependent.

Climate Change
Climate Change, Bradley
Deforestation, Miller
Losing Biodiversity
Losing Biodiversity, Pattenden
Lack of Clean Water
Lack of Clean Water, Whitfield
Population Growth
Population Growth, Juskova

Top 5 Action list and Strategy to combat environmental threats

Many of these listed actions are already supported by excellent programmes, various UN bodies, and many more organisations. A more co-ordinated multilateral approach and effort by governments is crucial. As an enabling catalyst, the World Ecological Forum aims to support, participate, and lead future action logs to facilitate the implementation of the above strategy.

Education & Awareness
Education and Awareness, Farmer

Education rises awareness on Environmental Issues. It is the key tool to make a long-lasting effect.

Climate Agreement & Governing
Climate Agreement, Rounce

Creating an effective global governing body, “International Climate Control Fund”, for pricing C02 and other green house gas emissions (convergence for measurement system).

Humanitarian Aid Plans
Humanitarian Aid Programmes, Cerdena

Deforestation and other climate issues produce environmental refugees. Thus we need aid programmes that focus on human issues and reforestation projects that aim at restoring degraded forests and contributing to the socio-economic development of populations.

Global Strategy for Environment
Global Strategy, White

Global strategy for environmental protection (new global governing body)

Investments & Incentives
Investments & Incentives-programmes, Nygård

Investments and Incentive Programmes to support green tech, ecological solutions, and sustainable positive development

Towards more sustainable development