SERTS, harvesting energy

Paradigm shifting smart infrastructure solutions within energy harvesting and e-mobility win award in innovation contest

Smart Energy Road and Traffic System (SERTS) – a finalist of Infra Awards 2017 – participated in an award ceremony in Stockholm on March 23 (Wallenbergsalen i Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm).

SERTS harvests solar, thermal, wind, kinetic, and hydraulic energy for storage and distribution through a smart grid. The vision is to enable access to limitless decentralised sustainable energy through smart infrastructure development and simultaneously urge the paradigm for e-mobility; the mission is to develop and commercialise an energy harvesting, modular, self-healing micro smart grid with wireless, mobile dynamic charging for electric vehicles.

The SERTS infrastructure concept is a World Ecological Forum platform development that has received some basic feasibility study support from both the Swedish and Finnish government risk capital technology funds.

World Ecological Forum also commences a technology partnership co-operation with ElectRoad, an Israeli start-up company with special competency for dynamic wireless electrification systems for urban transportation. The under-the-road electric charging beds allow for mobile and wireless charging for mission-specific vehicles, for instance, buses and cars.

“We can see great potential synergies in creating a common testing platform, a pilot facility for both energy harvesting and dynamic charging. We open up opportunities for OEMs within the vehicle industry and beyond to join us to advance the future of e-mobility.”, comments Alec Arho Havrén, SERTS innovator and founding chairman of World Ecological Forum.

“ElectRoad looks forward to establishing a demonstration and testbed for its technology in Europe, in conjunction to GotlandRing, world’s first sustainable race and test circuit, located on the Swedish island of Gotland, an eco-region and most popular tourist venue in Sweden.”, states Oren Ezer, CEO ElectRoad.

“Energy harvesting, e-mobility, dynamic charging, and self-driving technology will be the main focus for the test facility on Gotland. These technologies create significant synergies and form the future energy and mobility paradigms.”, Alec Arho Havrén concludes.


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