Tomas Eneroth Infrastrukturminister, Sverige

Press conference about the electrification of the transport sector

The Swedish infrastructure minister Tomas Eneroth held a press conference today (18th Oct 2020) about the electrification of the transport sector. SmartRoad Gotland was positively exposed through its efforts within the electric road system sector.

One could say that the whole world is in crucial paradigm shift, a kind of reset of the industrial era where electrification and sustainable energy production leads the way. All transport sectors – by air, sea, road and rail (actually went from coal to electric ages ago) – will eventually be electrified, some by battery, some by fuel cell, some by electro fuels, a mixed transport system with one dominant common denominator.

Sweden, and the Nordic region in general,  leads the way in this search for excellence for sustainability – regardless of political leadership. The Nordic values are the common denominator.

Caring about climate change should not be a political issue, as should not universal human rights for free education and healthcare.

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